Rasmus Berg Palm

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Machine Learning Researcher and Engineer

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About me

I’m a machine learning researcher and engineer. I’m broadly interested in probabilistic machine learning, generative models, bayesian statistics, unsupervised and self-supervised learning and inductive priors.

I’m currently working at twig.energy, trying to remove some carbon from the power grid. Prior to that I did a PostDoc in the REAL group at the IT University of Copenhagen working with Sebastian Risi. Before joining ITU I did my PhD at the Cognitive Systems group at the Technical University of Denmark with Ole Winther. Prior to that I was a Staff Engineer and Machine Learning Team lead at Tradeshift.

“What I cannot create, I do not understand.” - Richard Feynman



I often create software libraries and tools and I love publishing them as open source. It lets me write clean code, think about abstractions and interfaces and ship working software to users, which I enjoy.


I thoroughly enjoy teaching. It challenges me to understand things at a much deeper level, and I find it very rewarding.

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